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YES, we have Monopoly Port Macquarie board games, with the unique Hello Koalas-designed Koala token ($69.95)

+ Top Trumps card games ($9.95) 

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PLUS see 18 Hello Koalas sculptures on display 

Hello Koalas Gift Shop

Open Monday to Friday 9am-3pm + Saturday 9am-1pm

Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail is open EVERY DAY of the year and COMPLETELY FREE!

The award-winning Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail features 80+ individually designed one-metre high Hello Koalas sculptures to discover across the Port Macquarie district, on the NSW Mid North Coast.

Follow the free Summer 2022 Trail Guide

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or just embark on your own adventure – how many can you find? 

Each Hello Koalas sculpture has its own unique character and personality, and everyone who visits has a favourite. Which one will yours be?

Lovingly hand-painted by talented Australian artists, every Hello Koalas sculpture features environmental, wellbeing, heritage or cultural designs to fall in love with and get you thinking and talking.

For enquiries, please phone 0416 641 482 or email info@hellokoalas.com.

Always something new …

Say Hello to Wild Honey, Vik the Viking & Olly the Blue-Eyed Boy  











Established as a permanent exhibition in Port Macquarie in 2014, The Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail welcomes more Hello Koalas to the family each year, so there is always someone new to meet.

Wild Honey, by artist Leanne Prussing, is our newest Hello Koalas sculpture and can be found at  Wild Culture Organics, 125 Gordon St, Port Macquarie.

Wild Honey joins 2 new friends Olly the Blue-eyed Boy and Vik the Viking, both by artist Pauline Roods. Olly is a wild koala, exceptional for his blue eyes, a rarity as Koalas’ eyes are generally brown. Olly is at the Hello Koalas Gift Shop at Unit 16, 10 Bellbowrie St, Port Macquarie. Vik is a mascot for the mighty Hastings Valley Vikings Rugby Union Club and is found at the club rooms at Oxley Oval, Pacific Drive, Port Macquarie.

Other recent additions to the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail are Winnie the Unicorn Koala (Hello Koalas Gift Shop), Frankie Firefighter (Hello Koalas Gift Shop), Chief the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Pilot (Sovereign Place IGA), and Asha The Tree of Life Koala (Belle Property Port Macquarie).

Download the latest Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail Guide here:

HelloKoalas_TrailGuideSculptureDirectory_SUMMER 2022

HelloKoalas_TrailGuide_FrontCover_SUMMER 2022

Hello Koalas’ touring band of Wildlife Warriors is also featured, spreading the conservation message far and wide across Australia and the world, that we must care for our koalas and all native fauna and flora.

If your organisation would like to host a promotional exhibition or have our Hello Koalas sculptures visit a special event, please contact: Hello Koalas on 0416 641 482 or email info@hellokoalas.com.

Hello Koalas Gift Shop

Discover our boutique range of gifts at Hello Koalas Gift Shop at 16/10 Bellbowrie St, Port Macquarie, as well as up to 18 Hello Koalas sculptures to meet in one spot!

Calendars, colouring books, notebooks, art books, backpacks, stickers, magnets, badges, tea towels, T-shirts, tote bags, postcards, lens cloths (the best way to keep your glasses, phone and other screens clean) & more.

Plus NOW the SPECIAL EDITION MONOPOLY PORT MACQUARIE (including unique Koala token) + Top Trumps card game. Making your purchase of this collector’s edition even more worthwhile, funds raised from Monopoly sales at Hello Koalas will help create The Big Koala at the ground-breaking Guulabaa (Place of Koala) tourism precinct to open at Cowarra State Forest next year. Your name will join the “Friends of the Big Koala Honour Roll” on our website (www.hellokoalas.com). Enquiries 0416 641 842.

Opening hours: 9am-3pm Monday-Friday & Saturday 9am-1pm or by appointment. Just phone 0416 641 482. We recommend you check this website and our Facebook page for possible extended hours for school holidays and events.

Hello Koalas Gift Shop is just 5 minutes walk from Settlement City Shopping Centre or 5 minutes drive from the Town Centre – between Bay St and Hastings River Dr. Come and say Hello! Director Margret Meagher, who created Hello Koalas, is often in the shop, and meet our new Shop Manager Vicki Eslick who is there all the time! We are happy to tell you more about our Hello Koalas and help you with any questions you have.

Alternatively, you can log on to https://shop.hellokoalas.com/ and shop online anytime anywhere! 

Our Purpose

Hello Koalas is a public art project created to bring joy, creativity and a sense of fun to our local area, to foster a sense of community and wellbeing, and to encourage visitors to Greater Port Macquarie and wherever Hello Koalas sculptures weave their magic through touring exhibitions.

Our purpose is to enlighten and educate the world on the urgent plight of Koalas and our endangered fauna and flora, through the talent of local Australian artists.

We work closely with local businesses, government and non-government organisations to co-ordinate tourism, environmental and community cultural development opportunities.

We are part of the national organisation Arts and Health Australia, with funds raised from projects and events distributed among essential environmental causes.

The award-winning Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail provides fun and entertaining days out for people of all ages, perfect for families to enjoy together.

It is also a unique and creative way to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our koalas and our environment, such as through the Cowarra State Forest tourism precinct and koala refuge (Guula pictured at launch).

Port Macquarie is lucky to have one of the largest koala populations on Australia’s east coast. But this Aussie icon is endangered everywhere by land clearing for roads and houses, by vehicle strikes, dog attacks, disease, drought and climate change. The recent bushfires highlighted the dangers that koalas face.

Hello Koalas is proud to be a national leader in koala conservation advocacy and promotion.

Hello Koalas sculptures at play at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney – October-November 2019

We are proud to have toured some of our Hello Koalas to:

  • The Australian National Botanic Gardens Canberra
  • The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and
  • The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, in Sydney’s West.

Here is a glimpse of our visit to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Moves & Grooves

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with these busy Hello Koalas, so please check this page for updates before you visit the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail. Our 2022 Trailguide IS NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Laurie is having a little rest at the Hello Koalas Gift Shop after an unpleasant experience in the floods.
  • Sunshine by music legend John Williamson is happily home again at the Port Macquarie Hospital!
  • Hello Koalas Gift Shop has up to 18 Hello Koalas sculptures based at Unit 16, 10 Bellbowrie St.

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“Hello Koalas is unique – it has taken the concept of multiple sculptures and really run with it – much farther than anyone else.
As a permanent and constantly updating public sculpture trail, there is nothing else like it in the world. Its ambition and scale is huge – and wonderful to experience.”
Elaine Burke, Project Manager, Larkin with Toads – the award winning sculpture trail in Hull, UK which inspired Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail. (Email May 2019)