Artist : Sophie Corcoran

Description / Inspiration

The design of Froggy was inspired when the artist, Sophie Corcoran, first moved to Paris in 2012. She didn't speak the language and she didn't have much understanding of the differences in culture.

Sophie learnt very quickly that living in France is very different to Port Macquarie! The design is called 'Wrapped in Paris' and it conveys the beauty and intensity of Paris while also portraying that one can be completely overwhelmed and engulfed in its history, monuments, art and culture. The blue background represents Paris at twilight, when the sky turns to this incredible royal blue and suddenly the city of lights appears, and you see colours of yellows, oranges and blues soaking the city.

Artist Biography

Sophie has been painting watercolours since she can remember! However it wasn't until she first traveled to Europe where Sophie found her individual style; it was actually in Amsterdam where she started to really have fun playing with colour and lines of perspective.
Now quirky unconventional use of colour is a strong characteristic of Sophie's work. She loves to distort perspective and use colour as an emotive language.
Sophie returned home after spending two years living in Paris where she enjoyed the inspiration and creative energy that only Paris could provide. She was very fortunate as much of her income came from selling her watercolours. Sophie's style in Paris changed somewhat to include even more detail. She found it difficult to leave out details of Paris because in Sophie's words: "it's all these little details that make Paris such an incredible city!"

Sophie now has a busy life as an artist living in regional NSW and working in the tourism sector.

Location Info

Froggy is currently off the Trail enjoying some beauty treatment!