Granny Square

Artist : Suzanne Fischer

Sponsor: Wauchope District Memorial Hospital

Location: 69 High Street, Wauchope NSW 2446

Description / Inspiration

Granny Square Koala uses a contemporary crochet granny square as it’s design, to celebrate the craft’s people of Port Macquarie. The design is also a tribute to the Artist’s Grandmother. In teaching her to crochet, her Grandmother also showed her the power of positive ageing; teaching each new stitch as she lived her life with much love, fun and laughter.

Artist Biography

Suzi is a qualified PE Teacher and Physiotherapist. She left Sydney three years ago to "retire" early to Port Macquarie at the youthful age of 48 years old.

Suzi grew up in a arty-crafty household - but being self-employed and working 6 days a week in Sydney meant that she had no time to be "creative" since leaving school.

Suzi entered the Kempsey Art Prize last year with a sculpture called "Sheep". She was very nervous about entering as she never even contemplated entering an art competition. She was astonished when her name was called out as the winner of the Sculpture prize.

Suzi was then encouraged to enter the Manning Gallery Exhibition "Naked and Nude".
Again she was very surprised that her work was chosen as a finalist among some truly talented artists.

Granny Square Koala was inspired by Suzi's Grandmother. She smiles as she remembers all those hours spent together crocheting granny square blankets.

Until moving to Port Macquarie Suzi had not picked up a crochet hook for almost 30 years.
The design is a tribute to her Grandmother and all those Grandmothers who taught the next generation the wonderful craft of crochet.

In teaching Suzi to crochet her Grandmother also showed her the power of positive ageing.
She crocheted as she lived her life… with an abundance of fun, love and laughter.