Captain Koala

Artist : Tristan Murray


Location: Hello Koalas Gallery and Gift Shop, 16 / 10 Bellbowrie Street Port Macquarie, just 5 minutes away from Settlement City.

Description / Inspiration

Captain Koala is designed to be visually engaging to young children but also to let them learn about the threats facing our local koala population. It is hoped the piece would be the catalyst for a discussion between adults and children about those threats and what role children can play to help with koala conservation.

Captain Koala is a roaming ambassador for koala care - cautioning drivers to be aware of koalas crossing the roads, reminding people to keep their dogs and cats indoors at night to protect koalas who might be walking through their backyards, raising awareness of the dangers of climate change and understanding that these days, koalas may seek water to sip, highlighting the dangers of habitat loss for koalas through unregulated clearing of gum trees on public and private properties and the hazards of diseases such as chlamydia.

Location Info

Just nearby are two Hello Koalas sculptures Koalatron at Car Clean at 8 Bellbowrie Street and Madame Butterfly at Canvas Momentz at 11 Bellbowrie Street.