Koalasaurus MAX

Artist : Pauline Roods

Sponsor: Cascade Pool and Spa Centre

Location: Cascade Pool and Spa Centre, 5-7 / 99 Hastings River Drive from 25 September 2023

Description / Inspiration

Dinosaurs lived around 70 million years ago and are a powerful reminder of the vulnerability of species including those that appear strong, indomitable and fierce.

Unlike other members of his theropod family, which includes Tyrannosaurus-REX (T-REX), Koalasaurus-MAX is a gentle giant and an eloquent ambassador for all threatened species. How many dinosaur names can you see on Koalasaurus-MAX? Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

What makes Koalasaurus-MAX so special? Is it because he is the one dinosaur in world history which reminds us that we must protect and keep our plants and animals safe? Go K-MAX!

Location Info

Koalasaurus MAX is now at home at Cascade Pool and Spa Centre on Hastings River Drive. It's just 5 minutes drive down the road from the Hello Koalas Sculpture Gallery and Gift Shop, where you can see a small 50cm replica of Koalasaurus MAX. You are also on the road to the iconic waterfront restaurant Whalebone Wharf which will shortly be welcoming their new Hello Koalas sculpture called 'Noah', designed by local artist Kim Staples.