Australiana, Below The Surface

Artist : Chantelle Ferri

Sponsor: Ocean Breeze Motel

Location: Ocean Breeze Motel, 24 Burrawan Street, Oxley Beach, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Description / Inspiration

This design captures some of the wonders which lay beneath the shoreline and in the depths of our waters surrounding Australia. The artist’s work creates a montage of sea creatures which are part of a fragile ecosystem. The design takes us to a place of wonderment - unexplored territory on a journey to the depths of the open seas.

Location Info

Australiana Below the Surface is located at the front of the Ocean Breeze Motel and is much loved by owners Mark and Kristie Myers. Ocean breezes waft gently through the air and Australiana Below the Surface feels right at home. The sculpture sits across from the Oxley Oval which is home to the Vikings Rugby Club. Hello Koalas is creating a Vikings koala sculpture for their new clubhouse. Look out for this new footie sculpture, launching for the 5th Annual Hello Koalas Festival, 25 & 26 September 2021.