Artist : Pauline Roods

Sponsor: Chop 'N Chill

Location: 17 - 19 Horton Street, Town Green, Port Macquarie, beside Town Green

Description / Inspiration

Chi features a design which intertwines the elements of Yin and Yang depicted by the striking imagery of the Phoenix and the Dragon. "Chi" is often described as the life force energy present in all people. When the yin and yang aspects of Chi are in harmony with one another, there is health, wellbeing and contentment. Inspired by the artist's recent travel in China, Chi is a tribute to Chinese culture and philosophy.

Every painting is individual, placing the viewer within that scene. Pauline’s original artworks are created to awaken the viewer’s imagination and stimulate their senses. Pauline’s paintings are highly sought after and hang in private, commercial and public collections in Australia and around the world.

Pauline has had 5 recent exhibitions in Italy, has numerous awards, and is a regular guest artist in various art publications. Pauline has been commissioned to paint 9 Hello Koalas Sculptures.