Artist : Pauline Roods

Description / Inspiration

The design shows a snapshot of Port Macquarie’s "Under Water World". All the fish species are native to the waters around Greater Port Macquarie, and they have been painted botanically and are a valuable resource material for anyone interested in the local marine life.
Visitors come to Greater Port Macquarie to spend time in or on the waters of our famous beaches and rivers. But how many visitors let alone locals, get to see what lies below the surface? 'Shelly' provides a magnificent window into this beautiful underwater world.

Artist Biography

Pauline Roods has been painting for over 20 years. She is a realist, with a preference to work with acrylic and watercolour. Pauline believes these mediums allow her to create pictures with character, expression and dimension. Pauline's goal is not only to present a scene, but to place the viewer within that scene.

Pauline grew up in Port Macquarie, and a love of its natural beauty runs deep in her veins.
Pauline has had a number of exhibitions, and her works hang in collections (both private and commercial) in Australia, Japan, Singapore, America, New Zealand and Fiji.